Victim of my own success, but definitely not a victim

Well, I wasn't expecting that!

Worcestershire Open Studios was a resounding success, in fact too successful, if that's even possible? I'm now in the enviable position of being overbooked for classes so have decided to expand and start a couple more beginners sessions. That and selling lots of cards, prints and an original was lovely. What was not so lovely was being burgled the day after Open Studios closed, and having my car stolen, just as we were about to set off on a long overdue (pandemic postponed) holiday.

Not ones to be deterred by an intruder wandering around our house with a huge kitchen knife (our own, the cheek of it!) whilst we were asleep, we set off for our trip to Vienna, though not in my car, grrr!!

Anyway, Vienna is fantastic, I'd thoroughly recommend it if you've never been, culturally rich, but doesn't take itself too seriously.

It was straight back in the saddle upon our return as classes started the following day, including the new beginners Watercolour session on Tuesday afternoons. Then the next week saw the inaugural event of new students in the studio for the first of our Figure Drawing and Portrait classes of the new term along with familiar faces joining us online.

I was lucky enough to have sold two originals and three prints the following Sunday and then discover I'd been nominated for the Women Who, Worcestershire Women who Create Award. Many thanks to whoever nominated me. That was a lovely an unexpected surprise in itself, and to finish off the week I found out I'd been accepted for the Broadway Arts Festival Exhibition too, yay!

Sandwiched between the two huge (in my tiny world) events I was also incredibly pleased and relieved to learn that one of my offspring had been made 'slimmer of the week', which might not sound much unless you've ever been overweight. And another offspring finally got their act together and was accepted at Hereford Arts College, having spent the last 6 months dropping out of A levels and 'going feral'.

And so ends a rather unusual, surprising, rewarding and unexpected week of loveliness here at Trobe Towers. Cheers to that and let's pretend it going to always be like this.

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